The charge for the RISCO Cloud service, is a charge made by RISCO and not by alarm|SIM CARD. As you are already an alarm|SIM CARD customer, we arrange to collect the cloud service fee and pay RISCO on your behalf.

If you decide not to pay the RISCO Cloud service through alarm|SIM CARD:

  • Your panel will be disconnected from the Risco Cloud.
  • Your service via the iRisco app will cease to operate, you will not receive push notifications of an activation and be unable to control the panel via your smartphone.
  • Your sim will continue to work and be connected to the mobile network.
  • We will be unable to provide remote support for your panel as this uses the RISCO Cloud service to provide us with panel settings
  • Your panel will need to be programmed to send SMS to you in the event of an activation (subject to your chosen sim service plan). 
  • If in future you need any settings changing in your panel, these will need to be done via the keypad on the panel as we will not be able to assist remotely.