If you use your alarm to SMS you when the panel is activated, please check the following:

  • Are you on PLAN10 or PLAN2 - these plans do not include SMS? If yes - Submit a Ticket and we can advise on upgrading to PLAN10+

  • Is the correct number programmed into the panel:
    • Check the number you are calling, it should be capable of accepting SMS messages
    • The number format should be: 
      • International access code + 
      • Country code, in the case of the UK 44
      • The mobile number e.g. 07123456789 with the leading 0 removed, 7123456789
      • So the number to programme into your panel is +447123456789

  • Are you on PLAN20 ? If yes - have you set up a payment method so we can collect payment to add credit to your account - if no, please Submit a Ticket so we can assist you in setting up a a credit card.