alarm|SIM CARD only provide the sim card and have no control over how your panel has been programmed to use the SIM card functionality i.e. data, call and texts. If you would like assistance in changing settings in your panel we may be able to help, so please get in touch by submitting a ticket.

How quickly your alarm uses up credit will depend on how the panel has been set up and programmed by the installer. 

For example some alarm panels may.....

a) Call or text you every time the alarm panel is set or unset 

b) Call or text you every time the alarm panel is activated, whether the activation is a false alarm or not. This may be by burglary, fire, medical emergency, tamper or personal attack.

c) If a call or text is sent, it may go to numerous people every time the activity happens and if a call is involved, may cycle around numerous numbers for a pre-programmed number of times or until the call is acknowledged. For example you may have 3 numbers programmed into your panel, let's call them No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. Your panel is programmed to call No. 1, then No.2 then No.3 (this is one cycle) and and if no one acknowledges the call this will call No. 1, then No.2 then No.3 again until the panel is acknowledged or until the pre-programmed number of cycles has been met.  Normally if text messages are involved, it would only send one text i.e. one text to No. 1, then No.2, then No.3. You need to check your alarm settings to establish how your panel has been set up as this is an example only.

d) Send you an SMS confirmation every time you send your alarm an SMS command.

e) Be connected to the ELAS server, and if so it will utilise an "always on" data connection so you can control your alarm via smartphone app and via a web browser.

Each time a call is made or a text is sent from the panel via the alarm|SIM CARD, a charge is made and your pre-paid credit is reduced. In addition an always on data connection will use c. 10MB of data per month.

Your alarm|SIM CARD is set up so when the credit balance falls below an agreed level, we will top it up by collecting a payment from you.

If you are concerned about how quickly your credit is being used, please contact your alarm installer or Help Desk / Technical Support of the manufacturer. You should find details of the manufacturer in the alarm instruction / installation booklet.