Using wi-fi as a means to connect your SecuPlace to the internet is a great idea, however it is important to understand the limitations of wi-fi and why is is vitally important to use an alarm|SIM CARD in your panel.


If you only use wi-fi in your SecuPlace panel (i.e. no alarm|SIM CARD): 

1. If the wi-fi signal is lost then the panel has no way to communicate with you; and

2. The alarm will not be able to send you an SMS or call you in the event of an activation.

Using wi-fi only could result in your alarm activating and you are not contacted.

About wi-fi

1. Wi-fi signals are prone to interference, are short range and can drop in and out.

2. We have seen routers / wi-fi "freeze" and need a manual reset. If this happens your alarm panel will have no access to the internet 

3. The wi-fi signal has to travel through a router which then connects to the phone line, to then connect to the exchange and then from there connect to the internet. If there is a problem with the router, phone line or exchange then broadband can be lost and the panel will go offline.

4. Broadband routers tend to reset the broadband line periodically based on quality of connection and this can be from a couple of times a day to once every few weeks and this process can take a few minutes, during which time the panel cannot communicate with iRisco and an XML Error is shown.

5. If the phone line is cut from outside the property the broadband line will go down.

6. If the electricity to property is lost, then the broadband router / wi-fi will switch off and connection to iRisco is lost.

7. Wi-fi does not allow for SMS or phones to be made


We recommend using wi-fi as the primary means to connect to the internet and also install an alarm|SIM CARD. You should then set up the panel to use the mobile network data connection as a "backup" which means that under normal circumstances, wi-fi is used for the panel to communicate with the iRisco Servers, but if wi-fi is lost the panel automatically switches to the mobile network for data. When wi-fi becomes available again, the panel will switch back to wi-fi.

In addition, we always recommend that the panel is programmed to call a phone number on the event of an activation. A call placed by the panel is a "direct" communication between the panel and your phone and is not reliant upon any servers or the fact that you may or may not have a data connection on your phone.

If you need any help with settings for your SecuPlace, please submit a ticket