As part of our service, we will notify you if we believe your SIM credit is being used at a faster rate than we would normally expect to see, this notification is part of the the payment advice that is sent when we request a payment from your account.

In general terms a High Usage warning is where, at time of Automatic Top Up, it is identified that more than £5 of credit is being used per month. This amount allows for an 'always on' data connection along with a couple of SMS / calls from the panel per week. 

If you understand why your panel may be using the level of credit that is being used and are happy with this level of usage then no action is required.

When High Usage is identified, and depending on how quickly the credit is being used, we may collect a higher amount than usual from your payment method to restore your account balance and ensure that your account does not run out of credit within the following 24 hours. We will always advise you of any amount being collected.

If you are concerned that your panel is sending you SMS or calling you more than you want and is using up your alarm|SIM CARD credit too quickly, please click here for more information on what may be causing the usage.